Steps for Estate Planning

Estate Planning 資產規劃


Keeps more of your money in the hands of your heirs (NOT in the hands of government)



Minimizes income tax and probate fees 減低收入稅和法庭認証費


Declare your personal care preferences, including terminal medical treatment and organ donation intentions



Distribute your assets as you intended; provides funds to cover funeral expenses, taxes, as well as immediate and/or long-term family living costs

按照您的意願分配您的資產; 分配基金支付後事費用,各種稅項,及家人生活費


Appoint people to carry out your last wishes and care for your minor children or any other disabled family member



Step 1 第一


Designate a team of professionals 選擇一個專業團隊


>Lawyer 律師

>Financial Planner 財務顧問

>Tax Planner 稅務顧問

>Executor 遺囑執行人

>Trustee 信託人


Step 2 第二

Draw up a household balance sheet 寫出您家庭的資產負債表


Step 3 第三

Understand your life insurance needs 了解您在保險計劃的需


Life insurance is crucial to estate planning. It’s important to work with your advisor to match your long-term financial objectives with your insurance needs. Proceed from life insurance policies is tax-free and can be used to:



>Replace income 取代收入

>Pay estate expenses (funeral expenses, income taxes, capital gain taxes, medical bills, estate admin and probate fees, debts, etc…)

    支付資產費用 (身後事,收入稅,資本增值稅,醫療費,資產行政及法庭認証費,債務等等)

>Leave an inheritance 留下遺產


Step 4 第四

Draw up your “WILL” 設立遺囑


You want your assets to be distributed according to your will but NOT the government’s.



>Name the person or institution (executor and estate trustee) that will administer your affairs on death

   選擇某人或公司(執行人和信託人) 管理离世後的事


>Administer and/or pass on your assets 繼續管理或分配您的遺產


>Name a guardian for any minor or disabled children



>Express any limits on the use of your assets 限制如何使用您的遺產


Step 5 第五

Establish power of attorney for property and personal care



At some point in the future you may be unable to make your own financial and/or medical decisions, you may prearrange for someone to administer and make these decisions according to your wishes



Step 6 第六

Minimize taxes and admin fees 減低稅項和行政費用


Your estate ----> Probate taxes ----->transferring ownership---->inheritor

您的遺------ 法庭認証-------- 轉換擁有----------------- 繼承


Example of transferring assets without going through the probate process:


>Designate beneficiaries for all your registered accounts (RRSP, RRIF)



>Designate beneficiaries for your “Segregated funds” account with insurance company 為您在保險公司設立的〝分隔基金〞戶口登記受益人的名字


>Designate beneficiaries for your life insurance policy



>Establish joint ownership with right of survivorship for your property



>Establish a living family trust 成立家庭信託戶口


Step 7 第七:


Implement your plans

Keep track of accounts and important information;

Review and update regularly

Let someone you trust know







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